Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Being Diagnosed with ALS

Before I was diagnosed with ALS things were coming together for me. I was enjoying life, I was running five miles everyday and working out regular. I also was coaching special Olympics power lifting. With that I too was also benching 190lbs. for a competition coaches vs. team. Until I noticed some twitching that wouldn't stop so long story... but after several testings of MRI's, blood work, EMG's ( that were very painful ) and spinal tap along with many other testings and doctor visits I was told that I have ALS. All I thought about was my husband and kids without me. I don't want to die. For some reason it was easy for me to tell my family I have ALS, I am not sure why that was. My husband and kids have all supported me and they continue support and help me. I can no longer run and walk with assistance. My husband helps bathe me and getting me dressed. I still at times get so frustrated but then I think of others who are much worse and cannot do anything. I hate not being normal and having others do things for me. But something great came out of all of this, I realized even though I have a fatal disease I can either choose to sit back and let this disease destroy me or I can do something about it and fight it to the bitter end. I chose to be strong and do something about it. Just because I have ALS it doesn't mean I have to live like I have ALS. My life has changed in many ways both good and bad. But the good over takes the bad. We all take many things for granted especially the simple things in life. ALS is taking all of that away from me slowly except my love and my feelings. Just appreciate what you have and who loves you each day as it can be taken away in a split second.