Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mommy's day to my Mom

For Mother's day I want my mom to be a focal point in this post. My
I have many memories of my Mom from when I was young up to her death. Some great and some not so great. My Mom had six kids and to say we were perfect angels I know for a fact that she is laughing at that statement. We were far from perfect but I know one thing she always loved us kids regardless of what we did. No I won't go into details of how we were. My Mom and Dad divorced when I was young so she did her best to raise us kids. Many years later my parents worked on things and worked at being parents together and I have to say that they reminded me of Edith and Archie Bunker. The bickering they did back and forth. But in the end of her life they really shown that they really had a true love for each other even though those words were rarely used. My Mom had a great sense of humor and yes at times she could be so very bullheaded and make you feel guilty into doing something for her. She knew exactly how to play that mom card and she did it well. Although even though us kids saw through her. We would do what she asked because she needed the help or support. My Mom was very much into doing things with the family. Actually both my Mom and Dad love family time. To this day my family creates things just to get together and that is because she always wanted her family close. My Mom when we were growing up she would play games at the kitchen table or we would talk about anything. As she would say we were just shootin the shit. She had these silly sayings and oh how she loved to sing and dance. She had a beautiful voice, even though she would say my voice is gone from smoking. When my Mom became sick she would be in and out of hospitals constantly and my Dad would be the one taking care of her with us kids to help. Finally her final time in the hospital was the absolute hardest. My mom went from feeling good to the next day very weak, fever and that night going back into ICU. Where we found all of us kids and my Dad by her side saying our good byes and crying. When she left us I know for a fact that the Hanna family will always be close. She died January 29, 2008. even though she physically isn't here she is with us always as a family and with each of us watching over us and probably laughing away. My Mom wasn't perfect but she was perfect and still is to me. Her beauty is all around us and her memories will never be forgotten. So if your mom is alive, don't wait for mother's day to come to tell her how much you love her. Call or go see her and tell her how special she really is. Mom you are so very special to me, you taught us kids many things but the most important is how important family is and to appreciate and love each other through the great times and bring each other closer through the bad so we can help others out. I love and will always miss you. Love your baby girl!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Nurses and Doctors really do care

So you would think that when you go to a hospital that the doctors and nurses will know how to handle patients with ALS. This is not the case. Although I had good care from the doctors and nurses. Some had no clue how to handle me. Now keep in mind my family has several nurses and a few doctors so this is not about bashing them or any Doctor or nurse. The point that I am trying to get across is the awareness that needs to be addressed. When I was in the hospital I had great care even though a few nurses admitted that they have never dealt with ALS patients. Now many are probably saying why go to that hospital? Well here is my reply: it's not that they aren't qualified because they are and it's not because they are so busy that they don't care because they do care very much. I feel and that that ALS is a disease that is so misunderstood. Many treat ALS like MS. A nurse asked me if I would ever be able to over come this disease. I looked at her and smiled and said maybe if we could find treatment and most of all a cure. She look at me and said they don't teach about how to help people with rare disease. Hearing what she said was not insensitive. Matter of fact she was interested and wanted to know more. She was in my room asking me many questions about the disease and asking how she can get involved. Later she came back to my room telling me many of the staff heard of ALS but didn't know much about it. Hearing how she was able to go to others and ask others about ALS made me feel good to know that people really do want to know about this disease. So the next time you are having thoughts and doubts about your doctors or nurses know that most of them are qualified and they really do care about how you are doing. This disease is a disease that people are uneducated on and also that is under funded on. This disease has been around for decades and yet no cure or even treatment. but yet aids was huge in the 80's and a cure was found almost right away. Don't get me wrong I am for cures for all diseases but very frustrated why no cure for the thousands of people suffering and those who have died from this relentless disease that shows absolutely no mercy. So when you get the chance to raise ALS Awareness do it because you never know who you can touch and who you can affect. All it takes is believing in what you say. Some will listen and some won't all it takes is one to make changes and one to care. So even if you think someone knows about ALS, think again and ask anyways. If you have a voice use it.