Sunday, September 8, 2013

Imagine how much you strive for normal. I know I do and that was very much apparent on our vacation. I wanted that feeling of being normal again without ALS. Imagine every picture you take, you have this ALS disease reminders. But then I realize just how blessed and fortunate I am. If it wasn't for this disease I would still be working and have not been able to travel and let me be honest I love traveling. I feel a sense of freedom and calmness I even feel better when I travel in the RV. As I look at the past four years I've seen myself not as a better person who is dealing with a death sentence but a stronger person who will not accept defeat. Like anyone you get hit with the news that you only have a short time to live and most people wollow in fear, give up and for what? Because they are told that they are dying. Well guess what??? We all are dying. Just some of us choose not to allow the dying to get in the way of living. This trip to Hawaii was very important to me for many reasons. This time we took time to explore and to see what God's beautiful gifts. I must say that I never saw such beauty as we did and for it to affect me emotionally the way it did. In the evenings and mornings the four of us would go sit by the water watching the waves crash in and the light floral salt water air that destresses you. You can only imagine how peaceful I felt. And if that isn't enough to see God's presence, look at the picture. What do you see? My sister Laura took this picture of a sunset. But really look, its God's cross showing us that he is and always will be with us. This trip meant so very much to me to be able to spend time with my sister. I come from a very large family and to be able to share this trip you can't imagine just how amazing it was. We each had nicknames and we did so much together and had many, many laughs. Some we continue to still laugh about. But what was very awesome about this is that even though we are a very close family. We get closer. My brothers and sisters were texting us and living our vacation through us even when the Gecko attached Gecko Girl. Life is full of surprises, never under estimate its worth. Even in the most difficult times you can find comfort knowing that you are worth living for and that you are stronger than you think. So show others what living is about. Live life strong and Never give up. I'm not DYING... I'm LIVING