Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What inspires you?

Today as I sit here typing with my eyes I wonder what inspires people to do the things we do. For me I not only just want to help others with ALS, I feel that I have to. Dealing with this disease has changed me in so many ways. I am not one that just does things just for attention... At least I didn't feel that way. But dealing with becoming a prisoner in my own body, I have noticed that I won't allow this disease bring me down. I want to raise my voice and get all the attention that I can so we can find treatment and a cure for ALS.
I am inspired by many people and things for different reasons. What inspires me most besides my family are the people who are fighting every single day and refusing to give up. Our military, they fight for our freedom and then they come home and they still have to fight for simple things in life. Our government says that they are hero's, my question is why doesn't the government treat them afterwards like HEROS? I have a cousin fighting for his life because he made the decision to fight for our country. He was medically discharged and I have to ask where is our country's support now that he no longer wears the uniform but instead wears oxygen? He inspires me, my nephews inspires me. Every person putting their life on the line for our safety, freedom that inspires me. So I ask what inspires you?

This year alone I have friends that I call my ALS family that have lost their lives to this disease. I look at them and think about myself. Hoping that I too will have the courage that they had. I have a fear of being forgotten and yes that scares me. But I ask myself WHY? Am I being vein? or is it that I'm afraid of being alone?
My faith inspires me, although I was raised catholic I do not attend church regularly I still believe and I know that although I am not perfect I know that God does love and does forgive me and my sins. I know God has a place for me in his home when he's ready for me.
Life inspires me! I have been able to meet many people and to do many things and I am appreciative for every single day that I am able to do things for others.

Many people closest to me feel that life dealt me a very bad hand, I totally disagree with them. I wouldn't be who I am now if I didn't go through the things that I have gone through. Life in general has it's good and bad hands but it's how you play your hand is what counts and you could just have a winning hand. I know I have a hand with jokers and no wild cards but I am inspired by all of the others that have played and the ones who continue. You all are my inspiration to fight with all my might and to never ever allow myself to give up on life.
I am going to be Charlie Sheen for a moment and use his motto "WINNING" yes you read it and that is exactly how I feel,. I'm winning because I have the ability to accept the fact that I am not dying and that I am living my life to my fullest.
So again I ask what inspires you? Be honest with yourself and I think you just might amaze yourself in ways you never thought were possible.


  1. Robin, YOU are Amazing!!! What a beautiful soul you have! My first TRUE inspiraton was my Mother... she taught me to LIVE life not mearly exist... she had me photograph my life's journeys so that she could also live thru me.. thru my pictures I grew a deeper appreciation for the world and people around me... each moment was unique, each person touched my life in a different way... What life has to offer is amazing if you let it be.. thank you for asking this question, I now have my inner peace replenished.. xoxo