Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Christmas Spirit and Gift

As Christmas fast approaches I watch others as they rush around to get the shopping done and the baking completed and I realize that all I have done is my mantel. Decorations are on hold due to carpeting being installed.
This year seems different and as I watch others rush around. I am finding myself enjoying the simple things and realizing that Christmas is more about whose getting what and not focusing on the true meaning of what this season brings.

As each day goes by I focus on the can do's and try to achieve the can'ts of what life brings. People in general ask for things and expect the magic to just happen. What many people don't understand is that you have to work at and appreciate what the magic gives and be willing to not give up when the things we ask for don't happen right away or if they happen at all.

We all are still very much like little kids in many ways, we expect certain things, we pout and yes we even argue and say things that we regret later and really if you are saying no to any of this you just might be more of a kid than you thought.

This season I am feeling the holidays in an old fashion way from our tree being trimmed with homemade decorations and loving family time. Even though I will rush around to shop for the special gifts, what I am most excited for is the simple things that make it Christmas, spending time with family and friends, laughter and most important what God has given us. Sure presents are great but it's the meaning behind the gifts that matter Most.

Now you all are saying right Robin... But as I progress through this disease, I see myself as being totally different in many ways. I no longer walk on my own. Come to think about it there is very little I can do on my own. But that is why I have changed. What use to matter doesn't any more and I still do so much more than many others that say they will do and yet they don't for reasons not for me to ask. But the curious kid in me tends to wonder why. I guess that is another blog that will have to be posted.

You may think ALS is a very cruel disease and you are right but this disease has made me see just what and who I am. This disease has given me a very beautiful life with choices and decisions that I never knew existed before. I see just how much people do take for granted and it's kind of funny because they don't realize what I see.

I am NOT claiming to be perfect, if anything I am perfect at being imperfect... Lol! Ok kidding!!! I still have so much to learn, see, do and most of all to give and help others. This is what makes Christmas to me. The magic is in our hearts, if we can open our hearts and learn to forgive, we all will carry this Christmas spirit not just for the holidays but all year around.

I want to wish you all a very beautiful Blessed Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

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  1. Robin,

    I enjoyed reading your post and admire your great attitude. God is always there for me, and He was especially when my mom had ALS! Blessings and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! ~ Judy