Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Humiliation or your Dignity

Someone once said to die you must have dignity. I find that to be a bunch of hogwash. Lets face it with ALS and many other diseases you tend to have others help you. I do but that does not mean that my dignity is gone. People with ALS have to depend on others for their needs to be met. Such as bathing, feeding and yes lets face it, having their bottoms wiped. But does that mean they are less of a person? No, I should know because I do depend on others and although it's humiliating to have someone wipe your ass. It does not mean that you are less of a person or that you have no dignity. ALS is a disease that makes you become a prisoner in your own body and the only thing that will remain in tacked is your mind. The emotions and the physical changes are very difficult to deal with once you lose your ability to do things. No one said ALS is easy but you as the patient can do things to help others. Sharing your experience with others and giving them a sense of hope. The mind can play evil tricks and you have to be able and strong enough to understand that you are not that weak person. The things that you deal with is going to be very difficult at times but having someone that you trust to help you makes it much easier. Humiliation and the thoughts of you losing your dignity are all part of the mind games that you and only you can control. Giving up on life because you can no longer do the things you could do, isn't acceptable. It just means that you will figure out new ways to do things. I could have given up a long time ago but I decided that as long as I'm living I will fight this disease. Fighting it doesn't make me a hero or inspiring. It's what you do with yourself and the cards that you are dealt that makes you who you are. It's very easy to give up or into someone if things become to difficult, but is that how you want others to remember you, forget the dignity because you will have taken that away yourself. I am sure many of you have your opinions on this awful horrible disease, and I am not saying my opinion is the only way because it isn't but for me it works. I don't allow this disease to get the best of me. I will always have my dignity and the support of those around me to help me get through the difficult times so feeding, dressing, bathing and even having someone to wipe my bottom isn't as humiliating as long as you have trust and faith in that person. I can think of many other things in my past that I have to be embarrassed about and dealing with ALS is not one of them... Lol so get off your soapbox and look at how you can make a difference. Because you will always have your dignity and love from others to help guide you


  1. You know just because someone says something doesn't mean it is true. They would see through a different set of glasses if they had ALS. I did not mind doing personal things for my mom. Life is too short to worry about silly things like that. Keep of keepin' on:) Love your positive attitude!

  2. I like your blog. I have it on my favourites list.