Thursday, February 7, 2013

Live your life strong

As I sit here blinking at my computer going through pictures of my ALS family it amazes me at the strength that you have when dealt with a terminal illness /disease. I was very active before ALS took the strength out of my legs and upper body. Running for me was something I loved doing, the farther I would run the greater I felt. You can say that I most definitely had a runners high. For me sitting still was never an option by choice. I absolutely loved working out and almost every day you would find me at the gym, helping others or working on Me. You would think that is awesome and yes it was. I could and would bench press with the big guys lifting 190lbs. Although that all sounds great,and then it was all taken away in a flash. Because I was diagnosed with a disease that many will die from within 2 to 5 years after being diagnosed. At one time ALS was known as a tall old man's disease. Well I am not tall, I'm 5'2 and eyes of blue. I am certainly not old unless you ask my grand babies and the last time I looked I still have female body parts so I am clearly not a male. Point being anyone at any age can get this disease. Many times when John and I go somewhere people will ask a question about me to him, and many times he will say ask her. People who have ALS are aware of what is going on. We are of sound mind. But what really amazes me is that this disease as long as its been around we are still searching for effective treatment and a cure. So my mission is to help raise ALS Awareness to everyone possible. Now those of you that know me know what I am capable of doing. But in this case I need /want your help. Many of you know how positive I am so this may have you think twice but be assured that even though I am being realistic I will always be positive. This disease will take my life, this disease has and continues to make me become a prisoner in my own body. This disease takes every bit of energy from me regardless of what I am doing. This disease that I and many others have is a killer. But even though this disease that is so horrific also has a plus to it. The people I meet and talk to who deal with this disease are nothing less than amazing. The courage and willpower is extrodinary beyond words. When I see my family they tell me how they couldn't do what I do. If they had to deal with any life threatening disease, they would because of our family strength and support. The bottom line is yes you could and yes you would if you were forced too. Life isn't always fair, life isn't always going to be easy. But life is about choice and how you are going to decide to live it. We all will die but how will you want others to remember you and what mark will you have left so others can Learn? The choices and faith that you carry within you makes who you are. So why allow ALS or any disease stop you from living. As I have always said "I am living with ALS... Not Dying!" So live your life strong and never give up!

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