Friday, September 3, 2010

Live life Strong and Believe in your DREAMS!

Today I sit here thinking about my disease wishing I could be normal again and knowing that will never happen. A part of me wants to cry but then I look at those who are much further on than I am. How dare I feel sorry for myself. I cannot do many things such as feeding myself and bathing and walking is very limited. I can go on with other things to but I think and feel God has a plan for me. Having ALS has allowed me to see/do and appreciate so much that is taken for granted, for me it opened my eyes to help others in a way others may not be able too. It frustrates me that many people do not know what ALS is. That is why I am making it my mission to raise awareness to this disease. Many people that I say I am inspiring and say I am a strong person. The fact is I am tired of people suffering from this torturous disease as it takes your ability away to live. So NO I am not as strong or inspiring as thought. I look at myself as a person just wanting and needing to help others and to give a person a smile that they can hold onto within them. It doesn't matter who you are, everyone deserves a smile. What puts a smile on my face my grand babies, husband and kids, my family and friends. Of course you know I would say that. But achieving some things on my bucketlist has been nothing less than amazing and the best part is my family sharing in my experience and dreams that came true. Last week my husband and I along with my brother and sister went to see Donny and Marie Osmond. (great concert) but to my surprise my sister and sister in-law pulled strings for my husband and I to meet them after the concert. I balded and cried in happiness, let's face it I have been a HUGE Donny fan for 41yrs. and talking to him about ALS and him supporting the cause was AMAZING. How they pulled it off is beyond me and thank you's don't seem enough considering I have been blessed in so many ways. That is why I am doing what I can to raise awareness. Dream do come true if you BELIEVE in yourself and accept support from those that love you most.

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